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Firsty™ Align Eight™

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The Align Eight™ is a product that is revolutionary to baseball and softball. It mounts under the tape on the handle of a bat and creates a natural grip shape to help players align their hands/knuckles for proper hitting form. This product enables hitters to be more consistent in the box (batters box).

• 10” In Length / .5oz In Weight
• High Impact ABS With An Over-molded TPR Core (FirstyFusion)
• Built-In Tab For Bat Inspection Approval
• Aligns Your Hands Using Your Natural Grip Shape
• Absorbs Bat Shock
• Patent Pending
• Approved For High School Gameplay
• Meets NCAA Baseball and Softball Guidelines
• Powered By USSSA


In the Box:

(1) Align Eight™

(1) Roll of Firsty™ HYPRGRIP Premium Bat Tape

(1) Rotation Schedule For Bat Health and Performance & Instruction Card

(1) #ImFirsty Bracelet

(1) Firsty™ Sticker Sheet


For years the sport has focused on the bat barrel, we think it’s time the handle got some attention. The Align Eight™ is a patent pending grip accessory that mounts under the wrap of your bat. It changes the handle to fit your natural grip shape, providing improved comfort while aligning your hands every time you step in the box. The FirstyFusion TPR Core absorbs bat shock and protects the hands from those nasty Fall-ball stingers. Hailey designed the Align Eight™ with a pinky drop which creates improved swing leverage.

Each Align Eight™ comes with a rotation schedule for proper bat health and installation instructions. Approved for all High School gameplay and meets NCAA guidelines. Powered by USSSA.


"Is The Align Eight™ Legal For Game Use?"

Yes. The Align Eight ™ has been approved by the National Federation of High School Associations for baseball and softball game play. It has also passed all guidelines for NCAA game use for both baseball and softball. The Align Eight ™ is licensed by USSSA and meets the rule requirements for all other major organizations.


"What About Rotating Between Swings?"

We have put together a rotation system for the Align Eight™ and your bat. The system includes a decal that is numbered from 1-6. The decal sets under the tab, which acts a marker. Rotate your Align Eight ™ from one number to the next based on a suggested games played/number of at-bats ratio.


"Game Bat Rotation Schedule"

College Athletes / Rotate Every 15-20 Games
High School Athletes / Rotate Every 20-25 Games
Elementary & Middle School Athletes / Rotate Every 30+ Games


"Practice Bat Rotation Schedule"

Our rotation schedule is based on conversations with major bat manufactures and governing bodies. It is recommended to rotate the Align Eight™ on your bat every 500-600 swings to maintain good health in your composite bat. While this is not an exact science due to pitch speeds, player power, contact consistency, etc. – It is important to note that our rotation schedule has been reviewed by several large associations and was found to be effective.


"Does The Align Eight™ Have a Warranty?"

Yes. The Align Eight™ comes with a 1-year warranty against defects or failure. That warranty covers a replacement – proof of purchase is required. Firsty Athlete Co. does not warranty damage caused by player abuse to the Align Eight™ itself, damage to the bat (for any reason), or player injury. Our attorney made us put that in there.