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Hailey Hustle Collection - "YOU WANT. I WORK." T-Shirt

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The Hailey Hustle Collection was designed by Tim Cox Jr in honor of Hailey for the start of the 2020 Baseball & Softball season. Each custom blend performance black tee is printed with the all new Firsty™ Gold metallic ink, complete with our trademark "Work. Sweat. Improve. Every Day." badge and Firsty Athlete Co. down the back.

You Want. I Work. // Wear this because you know haters are always going to hate. Everyone wants to be on top, but no one wants to climb the mountain. While others lay in bed dreaming about being great, you take greatness by the horns and dominate it to the ground. This is not a game, this is life - and you know what it takes to live other's dreams as your reality.